Nicholas Payton | December 2012 Year End Wrap Up

Nicholas Payton and the Television Studio Orchestra concert at Orchestra Hall (Chicago, 3/9/2012) is deemed one of the Best Concerts in 2012 by Arts Critic, Howard Reich.

" ... Payton's scores and arrangements addressed practically the entire sweep of Western art music, from aria like melodies evoking George Frideric Handel to trancelike accompaniments that served as backdrop for Payton's sometimes whirring, sometimes slithery solos. ...the breadth of Payton's musical thought, reaffirmed his stature as both jazz visionary and top-flight writer."


Review of Nicholas Payton with Ninety Miles in Chicago at Orchestra Hall. 

"Payton's clarion trumpet, as well as his genre-defying solos, stood at the center of the music making... Payton bent notes beyond recognition… No descriptive label or category could be affixed to Payton's solos, which were as brashly original as they were technically imposing." Chicago Tribune, December 1, 2012. 

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Review of Nicholas Payton's performance with Ninety Miles at the Monterey Jazz Festival. #BAM

"Ninety miles is the distance from the southern tip of Florida to Cuba. Trumpeter Nicholas Payton bridges it in a single note. Unreal. Late Sunday, he performed this trick -- repeatedly -- at the Monterey Jazz Festival: played one looooong note, squeezed and moaned and shouted like a blues prayer against the backdrop of a lit-up Cuban-Puerto Rican rhythm section. 

Known as Ninety Miles, the band was bridging distances, consolidating a tradition, and it was all being funneled through Payton's trumpet. Co-led by Puerto Rican saxophonist David Sánchez, this sextet left its audience vibrating like a tuning fork in the venue known as Dizzy's Den, one of eight festival stages. For this listener, it was the best performance of the festival, exhilarating and exhausting; one of those "thank God for music" events."   Mercury News 9/24/2012  For the full review: