Nicholas Payton | May 2011

HAPPY 85TH BIRTHDAY MILES DAVIS!: Coming up quick! First stop is Thursday May 26: Nicholas Payton performs with his XXX band as part of Ruth Price’s Moveable Feast on the occasion of Miles Davis’ 85th birthday. Nicholas will perform Trumpet and Rhodes. The Nicholas Payton XXX band includes bassist, Robert Hurst and drummer, Lenny White. Expect to hear new songs from Nicholas' vast original repertoire including some from his unreleased cd, Bitches. This is sure to be a sensual feast with a big helping of straight-ahead fire.First stop is the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center. 4718 WEST WASHINGTON BLVD, LOS ANGELES, CA 9001. Next stop is May 28, 2011 @ YOSHI's SAN FRANCISCO.

Nicholas Payton has an upcoming Backbeat Jazzfest show May 6 at Le Petit. Check out the Facebook page @ A Nite Flite w/ The Nicholas Payton XXX/DJ Soul Sister's Midnight Affair. Please RSVP and invite your friends to do the same. It's going to be an amazing show! For more about the Backbeat Jazzfest, follow their Twitter feed @backbeatNOLA.