Nicholas Payton | May 2013


Stellar Reviews of Nicholas Payton's Performance at New Orleans J*** & Heritage Festival:

NOLA.Com: Nicholas Payton Made Musical Waves at New Orleans Jazz Fest, 5/3/2013

"The emcee said that for the next hour at New Orleans Jazz Fest, the Jazz Tent was re-christened "Payton Place." He told the audience to forget about history, agenda, and genre, because there were only two words to describe the next act: "Nicholas Payton."

Fred Kasten's Conversation with Nicholas here: "Nicholas Payton is one brilliant musician."

NOLA.Com: Multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Payton @ NOJF. 5/5/2013

"Multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Payton, who was interviewed at the New Orleans Jazz Fest Sunday on the Allison Miner Music Heritage Stage–"

NOLA.Com: 'Fleur Debris Lifts Nicholas Payton to Trumpet Heaven', 5/4/2013

"So when you think of Nicholas Payton, think of Miles Davis, but also think of Louis Armstrong, Lee Morgan, Thad Jones and all the other brass masters in the pantheon of American music. Payton belongs in their company, and we're lucky that he's in our company, too."


–> Three opportunities to hear Nicholas: <–

May 3 at 4:10PM at the J*** Tent with the XXX featuring Vicente Archer and Lenny White 
May 4 at 2:05PM at the J*** Tent with with David Torkanowski, George Porter, and Zigaboo Modeliste
May 5 at 1:30PM at the Music Heritage Stage / Grandstand Building— a conversation with Bruce Raeburn

May 29 & 30—In Basel, Switzerland, Nicholas will be performing his original symphonic work: The Black American Symphony with the Sinfonie Orchester Basel on a program entitled Miles, Duke, and Nick. He will also be performing, Miles Davis / Gil Evans' — Sketches of Spain.