Nicholas Payton: Sankofa

6 March 2013 Listen as WBGO’s Josh Jackson talks with Nicholas Payton about #BAM: Live at Bohemian Caverns (BMF Records). Click here to tune in on WBGO.

Nicholas Payton: Black American Music 

3 January 2012 – WBGO’s Josh Jackson talks to Nicholas Payton about his new recording Bitches (In and Out Records) and why he now foreswears the word j*** to describe his music. 

Click here to tune in on WBGO.


Brilliant Sketches: Nicholas Payton

7 May 2011 – By Joseph Vella

The brilliant Miles Davis recording Sketches of Spain turned 50 in 2009 and on behalf of Legacy Recordings, who reissued a special collector's edition CD that same year, I produced a podcast series celebrating this masterpiece. For this series it was important to find artists who could speak with authority, not only about the impact of Miles' playing at that time but also about Gil Evans, the recording itself and the album's huge influence on the music. Our cast of experts include trumpeter Nicholas Payton, trumpeter and music legend Herb Alpert and bassist and Miles collaborator Marcus Miller. Due to changes within Legacy at the time these were pieces completed, they got lost in the shuffle and were never released. Finally, with the help of a few colleagues over there, we proudly present these amazing sketches of Sketches to you.

– By Joseph Vella

Listen to the Podcast Here


OffBeat’s Look-Ka Py Py Podcast ‘BAM, Nicholas Payton!’ (Episode 63)

13 November 2013 — by Zachary Young

Recently, Payton released a live performance of Miles Davis and Gil Evan’s masterpiece Sketches of Spain recorded in Switzerland with the Basel Symphony Orchestra. Though not originally planned, the concept for the performance materialized after Payton was commissioned to compose and perform his first orchestral work, Black American Symphony. Tune in below hear Payton talk about his inspiration for the work and find out what BAM! is really all about or listen to the podcast on the original site.

Nicholas Payton in with Cres O’Neal

23 January 2013 – Cres O'Neal lights up internet radio with some of the greatest jazz masters around...from old to new.  Join Cres here as she talks to Nicholas or listen to the podcast on the original site.

Session #321: Nicholas Payton

In this interview, Payton talks about his outspoken presence on social media; why he thinks it’s important to bring groove and sensuality back to jazz; and how his New Orleans roots have shaped the way he approaches music and performance. Listen here or follow the link to listen to the podcast on the original site: Session #321: Nicholas Payton