Music video for 'The Egyptian Second Line' from the new Nicholas Payton album called Afro-Caribbean Mixtape.
Download The Egyptian Second Line: 

Nick Payton plays at the Ouro Preto 2008 Jazz Festival

The Nicholas Payton Trio featuring Vicente Archer-bass & Lenny White-drums, live @ the Jazz Showcase Chicago - 6/22/2013.

Blue Note Records Magnificent 7 (Documentary), with Nicholas Payton.

Nicholas Payton and XXX@Bohemian Caverns - Nov 2, 2012. His original composition "Trytich" from Into the Blue, transitioning into Henry Mancini's "The Days of Wine and Roses”.

Nicholas Payton rehearsing the Black American Symphony in Prague with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra for Prague Proms 2012.


Interview with Nicholas Payton and Bruce Raeburn at the Allison Miner Stage NOJHF 2013.

Inaugural #BAM Conference at Birdland, NYC, 1/5/12, and hosted by Nicholas Payton and Touré, with special guest panelists: Gary Bartz, Orrin Evans, Marcus Strickland, Ben Wolfe and Brian Pace. (Please note that the battery died unexpectedly when Stanley Crouch, who was attending the event, decided to speak. Coincidence? #BAM)